January 04, 2007

Religion is Stupid, and dangerous

Here is the story of a murder in the US. What makes this different is the reason behind it. The victim was killed because of his Atheism because the killer was out of his mind religious. Unfortunately for the killer as the invisible friend that told him to kill his real one was called God, rather than say Sam, then this is totally normal and not insane behaviour. So the killer was not however able to claim insanity, being a religious fanatic does not count as insanity, and apart from being a raving religious fanatic he was completely normal.

To give the court credit there is rather a lot of historical evidence that killing their friends is normal behaviour for the religiously inclinded. Even the Bible points this out that the invisible friend might not get along with real ones as "thy God am a jealous God" [Exodus 20:1:5]. Even the Spice Girls managed to produce a better philosophy better than that.


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